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Sansó X Theo & Philo Gift Set

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We have teamed up with Fundacion Sansó to come up with this special set that celebrates the work of Juvenal Sansó. Juvenal Sansó, with a stellar career spanning 65 years, has meritoriously earned three medals of distinction from the three countries he has resided in over the years. These include the King’s Cross of Isabella from the King of Spain, the order of Chevalier from the French Government, and the Presidential Medal of Merit given by the Republic of the Philippines. His works are in prestigious museums and private collections here and abroad.

The series of artworks used in this Theo and Philo packaging is called cliché verre. Juvenal Sansó started creating a handpainted photographic slide called cliché verre by manipulating color and form onto painted slides, creating unique, undulating abstractions.

Flavors in this special set are:

  • 65% Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo
  • 65% Dark Chocolate with Green Mango & Salt
  • Milk Chocolate with Pili and Pinipig

As a special bonus, Fundacion Sansó has hidden 5 golden tickets in the bars inside the set. The lucky finder of the ticket gets to win a special collector's print of one of Sanso's work that comes with a certifcate of authenticity.