From Bean to Bar

What goes into every pack of Theo & Philo Chocolate? Love and passion, of course. Here’s a quick rundown of the intricate journey that goes into crafting the best chocolate bars your palates have ever encountered.
Finding the right cacao beans spells all the difference in crafting exquisite chocolates. Nothing would taste right without starting with the right ingredients, so to do this right, we get our cacao beans straight from the farmers in Davao and ensure that these are well-fermented and dried with the appropriate flavors.
The secret to unlocking the rich flavor of the chocolate from the cacao beans lies in perfecting the roasting process. Proper roasting makes or breaks the delectable taste of the chocolate, so we make sure that we do it the right way every single time.
Afterwards, we crack the cacao beans open and the gentle force of air is used to remove the skins so that we’re only left with the cacao nibs.
We grind the cacao nibs into a paste called the “cocoa mass.” At this point, it's starting to look and smell like the chocolate that we all love.
The cocoa mass is then placed in a wet mill called a “melangeur” to further refine and develop the flavor. Removing the bitter and acidic qualities of the cacao is necessary in developing the full flavor of the cacao, and this process is called “conching.” It is also at this stage where additional ingredients are fused into the cacao mass, like sugar for sweetness and additional cocoa butter for a smooth finish.
Tempering the chocolate before it goes into the mould ensures that it would have a nice, shiny finish and a good snap when broken. After this, the chocolate is ready to be eaten, packed, or shipped.
When the chocolate has set, it is ready to be wrapped and shipped to you.